Zoomology Turns One Today

A year ago today, Tom and I wrote our first blog post on Zoomology. It has been a very rewarding journey. We have learnt so much with each post we have written, not only about the species and places we have covered, but also about our own ‘voice’. Here are all of our blog posts…

The Atlantic Puffin: Fun Facts Edition!

Did you know that ‘Puffinus puffinus’ is not the Latin name for any of the three puffin species?

How many Sandeels do you reckon a puffin can hold in its beak at once?

What is the oldest recorded lifespan of an Atlantic puffin on Skomer Island?

Read our blog post to find out. 🙂

A Day on Skomer Island, West Wales

Click to zoom in Around this time last year, Tom surprised me with a birthday trip to Skomer Island. Man, did he earn himself some brownie-points that day! Well done, Tom. I’ll keep you on. 🙂 I started reminiscing about this little adventure after reading Jean Mackay’s blog post about her trip to see the…